Sager Employees - Both Past and Present - Howl at the Moon

On September 20 and 21, 2017, Sager Electronics held its annual two-day invitational that included an open house, golf at two courses in Southeastern Massachusetts, and a special trip down Sager memory lane.  With a headcount exceeding 300, Sager employees were joined by our colleagues from 64 manufacturer companies and 54 manufacturer reSager Electronics Circa 1970p firms.

This Invitational was unlike any other. Its tenth event since 2006 and Hurricane Jose aside… what really made this year stand out was the opportunity for Sager to celebrate its 130th year in business.  To help commemorate this milestone, Sager’s themed event for those guests who did not golf was hailed as the “Back to Our Roots” tour.  With an eye toward history – both the country’s as well as Sager’s past – over 100 guests and employees headed into Boston, Massachusetts.  

Going way, way back to 1773, the Back to Our Roots tour started with an interactive visit to the Boston Tea Party Museum.  From a public meeting of the colonists to dumping tea over the side of a ship, guests were invited to participate in what some call the “single most important event leading up to the American Revolution.”

From there the tour jumped 200 years ahead to Sager’s own history! In 1967, Sager had relocated its headquarters and main store front to the historic Chadwick Lead Works building on High Street in Boston’s Financial District.  The Sager store entrance was at 184 High Street, today the home of a Howl at the Moon establishment.  Guests – including employees both past and present who once worked at this location – were treated to a luncheon and live music entertainment in a spot right out of Sager’s past.  The event featured dueling pianos, a custom ice sculpture, a one-of-a-kind burger bar, historic Sager artifacts and some legendary Sager employees: Ray Norton, Jon Norton, Frank Flynn, Craig Sanderson, Van Doty, Pete Morris and Ed Tully.  While they didn’t truly “howl at the moon,” they did enjoy sharing past Sager moments with the company’s guests.

Sager Legends
From left to right: Craig Sanderson, Jon Norton, Ray Norton, Ed Tully, Van Doty, Pete Morris and Frank Flynn