Sager Electronics Recognizes Arthur Tracy for 50 Years of Service at Annual Invitational

Last week, Sager Electronics hosted nearly 350 suppliers, manufacturer reps and employees at its annual invitational.  The event kicked off with an open house at a local establishment, affectionately dubbed The Night Before.  The next day over 220 golfers took to one of two beautiful New England courses, while 100 day-trippers had the opportunity to do some sightseeing in historic Newport, Rhode Island (the International Tennis Hall of Fame may never be the same!).  The event culminated with dinner and an awards ceremony.

While last year’s event celebrated Sager’s 130th year in business, this year the company had to the opportunity to recognize an individual who has contributed greatly to those 130 years.  Arthur Tracy, who joined Sager in 1968, was recognized by Sager President Frank Flynn for his 50 years of service.  In addition to the company’s many guests and employees, Artie’s wife, Barbara, as well as other long-term Sager colleagues including former owner and life-long employee Jon Norton and retired employee Bob McLaughlin (a 45-year Sager veteran himself!) were in attendance for the momentous occasion. 

Frank and Bob presented Artie with a commemorative photo of the very first building Artie worked in when he first joined Sager; fun fact, the building was also the very site of last year’s outing.  In addition to the photo, Frank also presented Artie with gift cards to the Omni Parker House Hotel and the Union Oyster House.  

For history buffs, the Parker House Hotel is the longest continuously operating hotel in the United States.  The Union Oyster House is the oldest and longest running restaurant in the city of Boston, first opening its doors in 1826.  What better way for the oldest electronics components distributor in the industry to honor its longest serving employee!  

The following is an outtake from Frank Flynn's speech, "Art Tracy began his Sager career in September 1968. He came to Sager from Charlestown High School (a section of Boston). Sager and Charlestown High have had a long and successful relationship. Charlestown High offered an electrical program and a number of its graduates came to Sager during and after high school. Many of you here worked with John Mahoney (40 years) and my Dad (45 years), both who came to Sager from Charlestown High. Bob also came to Sager from Charlestown High. Now that Bob has retired, Art is the last direct link to that legacy. Art has performed many roles in his long service at Sager primarily in the warehousing and inventory control areas. He also spent many years leading our value added assembly area."

Frank continued, "I have known Art since 1977 when I first worked for Sager while in high school. He and Bob were doing all the receiving of product at that time. Art showed me the ropes and taught me the Sager way of handling the product and processing customer orders. His knowledge of our products, part numbers, location system and transaction process is unparalleled. He is exacting and will keep digging until he can solve problems for our team and our customers. If it’s out there, he’ll find it. Many of our people look to him for guidance and he enjoys teaching and training our people. He embodies our culture – longevity, stability, adaptability, commitment to the customer."

Thank you for your years of service, Artie.

Sager Employee Artie Tracy Recognized for 50 Years of Service
Arthur Tracy and his wife Barbara at the Sager 2018 Invitational

Sager's Artie Tracy Recognized for 50 Years of Service
Sager President Frank Flynn and retired Sager employee Bob McLaughlin recognize Artie Tracy for 50 years of service.

Sager President Frank Flynn recognizes Arthur Tracy for 50 Years

Sager President Frank Flynn and Artie Tracy