Phoenix Contact Through-hole Headers for SMT Processing

Phoenix Contact offers PCB headers well suited for automated assembly processing. Using the principles of through-hole reflow (THR) technology, each header has through-hole pins, offering increased mechanical stability to the printed circuit board. The plastic body withstands the high temperatures associated with a solder reflow process. These parts are available in bulk packaging, as well as tape-and-reel, making them ideal for integration into your current PCB processing, whether it is wave solder or reflow. Phoenix Contact PCB Headers CC 2,5 Series

Phoenix Contact CC 2.5 Series Features and Benefits: 

  • Liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) construction removes need for expensive dry-bag packaging 
  • High-temperature plastic allows for use in reflow-soldering process 
  • Connector design allows for continued use in wave-soldering operations 
  • Pin positional tolerance of /- .1 mm makes the connector well suited for automatic placement
  • Optional flange mates with both screw and lock-and-release plug connector for secure connection 


Phoenix Contact CC 2.5 Series Technical Data: 

  • Rated up to 16 A and 300 V UL 
  • 5.0-mm and 5.08-mm pitch
  • 2 to 24 positions per connector 


Phoenix Contact CC 2.5 Series Potential Applications: 

  • Automation technology 
  • Measurement and control 
  • Energy technology 

Phoenix Contact PCB Headers


Visit the Phoenix Contact CC 2,5 series catalog for specific part numbers or to download a datasheet by part number.   Visit the Contact page for pricing, inventory and quoting, or contact a Sager sales representative, the authorized distributor for Phoenix Contact, at 1.800.SAGER.800 or