The SBS Series of Connectors from APP

Sager is NOW Stocking the SBS Series of Connectors from Anderson Power!

The patented SBS® "Storage Battery Safety" connector family from Anderson Power Products is designed to provide high power in a compact ergonomic housing with protection against accidental contact with live circuits. This is of particular importance in applications where DC voltages exceed 30 volts and can be health threatening.

Wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations both provide power contacts rated up to 105 amps. The SBS®75X offers up to 4 mate-last break-first auxiliary power contacts rated up to 20 amps. The SBS®75G features a third first-mate last-break ground or power contact. All contact positions are rated for circuit interruption (hot plugging).

The SBS family of connectors was initially developed for applications requiring a Fingerproof rating IEC60950. In simple terms, these are applications operating above 48 volts (above 48 volts is considered the level where touching a live contact can be life threatening) and where users may come in contact with live connectors. Early adopters of the SBS50 were manufacturers of Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS). However, the drive to reduce gas consumption and the resultant emissions has driven a great deal of increased interest in battery powered products.

Typical markets/applications include:

  • Battery Powered Electric Garden Appliances - Lawnmowers, Hedge Cutters, Trimmers, etc.
  • Electric Vehicles - Electric Scooters, Bikes, Motorcycles, Utility Vehicles (off-road ATVs/Postal Delivery Trucks, Grounds Maintenance equipment, etc.)
  • Facility Maintenance (floor sweepers, vacuums, people haulers, etc.)
  • Off-Grid Energy Storage and Portable/Emergency Power Generation

Key features of the SBS family of connectors:

  • Up to 10,000 mating cycles - critical for charger applications that may be plugged and un-plugged multiple times daily over the course of a year.
  • Touch-safe interface on both sides of the connection to prevent injury to users (most connectors offer a touch-safe interface on either the male or female but not both.)
  • Rugged design - Polycarbonate housings allow for rough handling in factory situations and the flat wiping contacts are more accepting of misalignments during mating and un-mating than typical pin and socket contacts.
  • Hot-plug capability - Connectors will easily withstand the arcing created if accidentally dis-engaged with the power on as well as the arc often created by capacitance stored in battery powered applications.
  • Up to 4 make last-breakfirst auxilliary contacts (SBS75x) series that allow for applications requiring monitoring of charge, On-off signal switches, signage, etc.)
  • PBT versions that better withstand Hydo-flourocarbons typically present in oils, anti-freeze, and industrial cleaners often found in automotive and maintenance equipment applications.
  • A make-first/break-last ground/neutral contact is provided in the (SBS75G).
  • Low-cost - the SBS family remains the lowest cost solution for high amperage applications requiring ruggedized housings and superior electrical connections that minimize exposure to live circuits. The sexless housings simplifies BOMs and allows customers to "double" their order quantities to drive pricing efficiencies.
  • Keying features - the SBS is available in multiple colors each with a unique mechanical key that both visually and mechanically to ensure that parts can't be mis-mated. This is extremely important in charger applications where multiple vehicles may be charging at different voltages.

The newest products that were recently added to our available to sell inventory:

  • SBS®75G 3 Pole with Center Premate Ground/Power (110 amp) "NEW"
  • SBS®75X Two Pole with Four Auxiliary Contacts (110 amp) "NEW"

And Sager is stocking the application tooling required to support this series. Click here to access the tooling page on the Anderson Power web site.

This series can be found on page 49 of the NEW Powerpole & Multipole connectors APP catalog. 


To find out more about this and other quality products from Anderson Power Products, please contact your local Sager Sales Representative or dial 1.800.SAGER.800 to reach the Sager Service Center nearest you.