Sager Now Offers Orange Drop Film Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier recently announced its acquisition of the Orange Drop film capacitor product lines from capacitor maker, SBE. The purchase includes the assets required to produce the line of film capacitors along with the right to continue marketing them using the “Orange Drop” name.

Orange Drop capacitors made with polypropylene film dielectric and foil electrodes are well known for the excellent performance in pulse DC and AC circuits.  The Orange Drop line consists of roughly 20 series, each with its unique design to cover diverse AC and DC applications ranging from filter caps in switch mode power supplies, to snubbers that protect IGBT’s in high power inverters.

Offered in values from CC to CC and voltages from VVV to VVV, Orange Drop Capacitors are radial leaded types that mount to a printed circuit board. The term Orange Drop Capacitor was first coined in the 1960’s by Sprague Capacitor Company, so aptly named for their bright orange epoxy conformal coating.

“Cornell Dubilier has long been a leader in power electronic capacitors. This acquisition is a nice addition to our board level power capacitor lineup,” says Jim Kaplan, President of Cornell Dubilier. “Our aim is to manufacture Orange Drop Capacitors with the same materials and techniques that utilize SBE’s equipment to ensure that they are produced with the exact precision, quality and reliability that SBE’s customers have come to expect,” he continued.

CDE's Orange Drop Capacitors are now available through Sager Electronics.