PC 5 High Speed, High Power Connectors

The PC 5 Product family is a versatile family of connectors from Phoenix Contact that offers screw and spring cage connection, panel feed-throughs, a "Click & Lock" system, and bus connectors. Designed to accommodate wires up to 10mm2, the series has a current carrying capacity of up to 41A and unlimited 600V UL approval in accordance with UL1059.

The Product Family consists of the following:

Screw connection and spring-cage connection

  • PC 5 connectors with screw connection
  • SPC 5 connectors with push-in spring-cage connection
  • Versions with mounting flange (-STF)
  • Versions with shield (-STF-SH)
  • Base strips in horizontal and vertical design
  • Inverted connectors and base strips for contact-proof device outputs

Panel feed-through

  • Feed-through connectors for a panel thickness of 1 mm to 3 mm
  • Versions with screw connection on the inside of the device
  • Versions with solder connection on the inside of the device
  • Compatible with the "Click & Lock" interlocking system
  • In flange versions, shielding functions can be implemented on the housing panel
  • In shield versions, shielding functions can also be implemented on the inside of the device

"Click & Lock" interlocking system

  • Automatic tool-free snap-lock mechanism
  • High level of safety even in the event of vibrations
  • Versions with screw connection and push-in spring-cage connection
  • Compatible with all PC 5 base strips and with panel feed-through versions

Bus connectors

  • Push-in spring-cage connectors with double connection (TSPC 5)
  • Simple potential distribution by means of two terminal points per contact
  • Fast connection method thanks to tool-free direct plug-in principle
  • Versions with screw flange or "Click & Lock" snap-lock mechanism

For additional information about the PC5 Series of connectors and access to a demonstration video of the "Click & Lock" system, please click here.

To find out more about these products from Phoenix Contact, please contact your local Sager Sales Representative or dial 1.800.SAGER.800 to reach the Sager Service Center nearest you.