Molex Magnetic Modular Jacks

Molex Magnetic Modular Jacks incorporate wire-wound components (magnetics) in standard RJ45 jacks. These integrated magnetics, resistors and/or capacitors filter common-mode noise to provide signal integrity, protect PHY chips, provide DC isolation and offer low-mode conversion. Magnetic jacks are available in Power over Ethernet (PoE) versions that support PoE functionally while allowing customers to manage power. Magnetic modular jacks support Fast Ethernet (10/100) and Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Molex offers a range of Integrated Jacks or ICMs that provide a cost-effective, plug-and-play solution for customers implementing PoE and PoE Plus (PoE+). Available in single port (1-by-1), 8-port (2-by-4), and 12-port (2-by-6) configurations and with LED options, the ICMs provide PoE+ Power Source Equipment (PSE) capability for a wide range of consumer applications.

Based on the RJ45 connector, the magnetic PDJack™ is the first integrated PD (Power Device) Jack in the market to combine PoE+ PD controller circuitry and bridge rectifiers with gigabit magnetics in one connector and provide a complete drop-in, single port solution. The PDJack™ simplifies PoE Plus implementation for any network device, reducing time-to-market, lowering costs and achieving considerable PCB space savings.

Gigabit Ethernet Switch and router applications:

  • Datacom / telecommunications
  • Industrial network
  • Consumer / small office / home office

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