Honeywell S&C's PX2 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

Honeywell expands its Heavy Duty Pressure product portfolio with the PX2 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer. These new highly configurable, stainless steel pressure measurement solutions are engineered to be resistant to moderately harsh media such as refrigerants, brake and hydraulic fluids, engine oil, tap water, and compressed air.

The PX2 Series is designed to monitor performance and efficiency in a wide range of potential industrial applications including HVAC/R equipment, air compressors, system pressure, factory automation, pneumatics, valves, pumps, packaging/laminating equipment, sprayers, lasers, foam dispensing, solar energy, and emissions monitoring. Potential transportation (heavy equipment, alternative fuel vehicles) applications include system pressure, pneumatics, light hydraulics, brake and engine oil pressure, transmissions, and truck/trailer air braking.

“With the PX2 Series, our customers can truly have it their way,” said AJ Smith, director of global product marketing for Honeywell Sensing and Control. “We designed the PX2 Series to be highly configurable and durable, with a wide pressure range, so customers can select the form factor and functionality they want to help them reduce their design and implementation costs while still meeting challenging application requirements.”

Features & Benefits:

  • Piezoresistive sensing technology with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) signal conditioning in a stainless steel housing Compatible with a variety of harsh media
  • Durable Compatibility with a variety of harsh media, wide operating temperature range, up to IP69K sealing, and CE compliance allows for use in tough environments
  • Fully calibrated and compensated Provides transducer offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and non-linearity
  • Measure absolute or sealed gage pressure Absolute versions: Internal vacuum reference and output value proportional to absolute pressure
  • Sealed gage versions: Internal pressure reference of 1 atmosphere at sea level
  • Broad compensated temperature range Allows customers to design the same transducer into many applications
  • Good EMC protection Protected from environmental electromagnetic interference
  • Designed and manufactured to meet ISO 9001 standards

Value to Customers

  • Designed for configurability
  • Cost-effective
  • Industry-leading Total Error Band (TEB) ± 2%
  • Designed to Six Sigma standards
  • Application Expertise
  • Global support

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