TDK Lambda GQA120 Series of Industrial grade 120W DC-DC converter

TDK-Lambda DTM65-D AC-DC Medical Power Supplies are designed for Level VI efficiency levels, and lower off-load power consumption. These power supplies feature class I input, up to 100µA touch current, up to 0.15W off-load power draw, and are compliant with DOE Level VI and EU Tier 2 efficiency. The DTM65-D power supplies have an input voltage range of 90VAC to 264VAC, operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, and over-temperature protection. These power supplies are ideal for medical instruments, medical cameras, and imaging.

The convection-cooled DTM65-D is housed in a rugged, vent-free enclosure measuring 132 mm x 69 mm x 40 mm (L x W x H). AC is applied through the standard IEC 60320-C14 (3-prong) socket and the output DC cable is fitted with a 4-pin power-DIN connector as standard with other connector types available upon request. The adapters also feature overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

TDK-Lambda DTM65-D AC-DC Medical Desktop AdapterTDK-Lambda DTM65-D Features:

  • Medical certifications
  • Suitable for BF rated equipment
  • Class I input
  • DOE Level VI and EU Tier 2 efficiency compliant
  • <100µA touch current
  • -20°C to 60°C operating temperature range
  • >89% efficiency
  • ±0.05%/°C temperature coefficient
  • >10ms hold up time @ 115VAC input

TDK-Lambda DTM65-D Applications:

  • Medical instruments
  • Medical cameras and imaging 

Click here to download the TDK-Lambda DTM65-D datasheet.

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