Switchcraft AAA Series Low Profile XLRs

Switchcraft quality XLRs with a space saving design. AAA Series XLRs from Switchcraft are known for their durability and ease of use. This new low-profile design pairs the same connector body with a smaller plastic backshell for applications where small size and low weight are critial. 3-7 position connectors with male or female contacts are available in 4 different colors. Other colors and combinations are available from the factory.

Switchraft AAA Series XLRsSwitchcraft AAA Series XLRs Features & Benefits:

  • 360° adjustable right angle
  • Space saving design is up to 75% lighter and 80% smaller than than the R-series right angle XLRs
  • Uses same connector body as the AAA series XLRs.

Switchcraft AAA Series XLRs Specifications:

  • Life: 5,000 insert/withdrawals min
  • Electrical: 15A, 125V AC (3-pin)
  • Max Cable Size: 0.205” [5.2mm]
  • Housing: Plated Zinc Alloy
  • Contacts: Silver Plated Copper (gold plating available)
  • Handle/Insulator: Thermoplastic

Click here to download the Switchcraft AAA Series XLRs datasheet.

Click here to visit the Switchcraft catalog page for price and inventory availability. Visit the Switchcraft page on www.sager.com for more information on their offering or contact a Sager sales representative, the authorized distributor for Switchcraft, at 1.800.SAGER.800 or customerservice@sager.com.