Schurter Expands Range of IEC C8 Inlets

Power inlets vary in shape, size and ratings according to the style sheets contained in the IEC 60320-1 standard.

The C8 style inlets are more compact and less expensive than the more popular C14 style. Therefore, the C8 inlets may be suitable for smaller portable devices in the consumer market, depending on the current rating of the application. The C8 inlets are rated 2.5A @ 250 VAC according to IEC, while the C14 inlets are rated at 10A @ 250 VAC. The UL and CSA rating for C8s is generally 2.5A @ 250 VAC and 15A @ 250 VAC for the C14s. The new SCHURTER range of IEC C8 inlets also feature a 7A @ 125 VAC rating according to UL and CSA, making them suitable for an even broader range of applications in North America. The new C8s also expand on the range of panel thickness mounting options in Schurter IEC C8 Inlets comparison to SCHURTER's existing 0721 series. A PCB mount version for sandwich panel mounting is also included.

IEC C8 Inlet Features:

  • Appliance inlet Type C8 2.5 A
  • Protection class II
  • Snap-in mounting with solder, quick connect or PCB terminals
  • For panel thickness 0.6 to 2.0 mm
  • Sandwich mounting 1.5 mm panel, snap-in on PCB and with PCB terminals
  • Variants with solder or PCB terminals are with folded contact pins, variant 2570-1310 has solid pins
  • Approvals: VDE, CCC 2.5 A @ 250 VAC UL, CSA 2.5 A @ 250 VAC 7 A @ 125 VAC

IEC C8 Inlet Applications:

  • Consumer devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Set top boxes
  • Industrial 

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