Schaffner IF13 Power cord with integrated EMC Filter

The filter portfolio of Schaffner has been expanded with the introduction of a completely new approach integrating filters into a power cord.

The IF13 power cord with integrated filter is the easiest way to integrate an EMC filter into a given design (with a power cord). The approach to incorporate the filter in an external cable can help to pass compliance testing at the end of the design phase. The performance of the filter is enhanced through the ferrite cable and shielding. With different versions of input and output connections the cord can be easily implemented. Complying with RoHS and REACH the power cords fulfill worldwide environmental regulations.

Schaffner IF13 Power cordSchaffner IF13 Power cord Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to implement, no redesign required
  • EMC lifeline at last design stage
  • High performance in high frequency range
  • Retrofit for cord connected devices
  • No space allocation required for filter

Schaffner IF13 Power cord Applications:

  • All cord connected applications
  • Datacenter
  • Communication Technology
  • Medical and Laboratory devices
  • Security applications
  • High frequency applications
  • Applications with critical housing dimensions (cable is external)

Click here to download Schaffner IF13 Power cord datasheet.

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