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Sager Electronics is an authorized distributor of Samtec, Inc. 

Founded in 1976 and privately held, Samtec, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnects including High Speed, Micro, Edge Card, Rugged/Power, Cable/Wire/Flex, IP68 Sealed, I/O, and RF Components and Cables. Most Samtec products fall into one of three categories: high speed (signal integrity), micro pitch, and rugged/power products, and are used in board-to-board, cable-to-board, and panel and I/O applications.

As a franchised Samtec distributor since 1989, Sager partnered with Samtec to implement Sudden Link, an innovative approach to provide our customers products faster and more accurately. Sager has also instituted World Direct Shipping with Samtec, which saves up to ten lead time days compared to traditional distribution models. Please click here for more information on Sudden Link and World Direct Shipping.


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