Paktron Capacitors Products

Sager Electronics is an authorized distributor of Paktron.  

Paktron has been manufacturing polymer film capacitors since the late 1950s. A design innovator, Paktron holds in excess of seventy-five patents for film capacitor and machine design.

For the last 25 years, Paktron has specialized in metallized Multilayer Polymer (MLP) Film Capacitors for a wide range of Mission Critical Applications. Today, the fastest growing market segment that Paktron serves is Power Conversion for industries such as telecommunications/datacom, military infrastructure, automotive, medical and high-end industrial.

In addition to the MLP products, Paktron is the manufacturer of the Quencharc® Capacitor RC Network. The Quencharc® Capacitor is the oldest trademark name in the industry for RC networks, which are used extensively in industrial applications where there are inductive loads (relays, solenoid valves, motor contactors, etc.) creating electrical noise leading to contact arcing or resetting of PLCs.