Molex 2.4/5-GHz and 900-MHz ultra-thin Ceramic and LDS/MID Antennas

Internet of Things (IoT) Antennas: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee

2.4/5-GHz and 900-MHz ultra-thin Ceramic and LDS/MID antennas from Molex offer cabled, flex and PCB formats to enable fast and easy RF integration into connected systems and are ideal for embedding high-performing internet and data connectivity in compact devices.

Compact, efficient, high-gain antennas, combined with massive expansions of wireless and data networks, have changed the ways that devices are designed and developed. The external antenna has given way to PCB and internally cabled antennas in practically all of today’s connected devices. In response, Molex Antenna Products provide many choices to designers of wireless-enabled devices that support one or more protocols, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and WLAN. Molex also offers antennas in various form factors, such as SMD mounting, internally cabled PCB antennas as well as cabled internal adhesive antennas. They support maximum radiation efficiencies over a wide range of wireless applications, delivering unmatched performance.

Molex PCB antennas are ideal for modern pick-and-place manufacturing technologies. To facilitate the most optimal design of PCB antennas, Molex has published application specifications that provide easy-to-understand antenna design guidelines.Molex Flexible Antennas

For applications where an internally cabled antenna is preferred, Molex offers two types: one fabricated from a PCB and the other with a flexible, adhesive-backed surface for convenient mounting inside the device. Furthermore, cable length options of 50.00 to 300.00mm provide extended connectivity and balanced transmission throughout, from antenna to UFL connector. Application specifications are also published for Molex cabled antennas.

Molex 2.4/5-GHz and 900-MHz ultra-thin Ceramic and LDS/MID Antennas Features and Benefits:

  • Poly-flexible, double-sided adhesive tape on antenna
    Enables easy peel-and-stick mounting anywhere within the device casin
  • High antenna radiation performance
    Total efficiency values of 80% minimum (2.4 GHz band) and 70% minimum (5 GHz band)
  • Ground plane independent design
    Reduces engineering resources and costs needed to mitigate PCB ground-induced radiation
  • Triple-band ceramic antennas enable multi-vendor operability
    Offers greater power efficiency and long-range connectivity to Wi-Fi-certified products
  • Laser direct structuring (LDS) chip antenna technology
    Ensures consistent antenna RF performance due to excellent laser structuring repeatability, precision and accuracy
  • SMT ceramic antennas integrate quickly and easily on center of PCB edge
    Provides optimum performance
  • Compact rigid PCB antenna
    Combines greater space savings with secure mounting to the device’s chassis
  • Wide selection of micro-coaxial cable lengths from 50.00 to 300.00mm
    Extends connectivity for maximum design flexibility
  • Pick-and-place optimized
    Delivers fast and flawless assembly
    Designed and packaged for easy integration into modern pick-and-place manufacturing lines
  • Miniature on-ground molded interconnect device (MID) chip antenna with small footprint and small clearance zone
    Provides PCB real estate savings on mounted side of the antenna
  • SMT ceramic antennas offer symmetrical radiator design
    Delivers design flexibility by allowing reversed lateral placement on PCB without affecting radiation pattern or performance

Molex 2.4/5-GHz and 900-MHz ultra-thin Ceramic and LDS/MID Antennas Applications:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
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