Keystone Offers Quick-fit Terminals

In stock at Sager Electronics, Keystone's UL recognized, male and female PCB quick-fit terminals and rivet mount male quick-fit terminals.

These quick-fit terminals are designed to hold up under repeated mating cycles. PCB mountable terminals have an innovative Sturdi-Mount design, which provides increased PCB mounting strength and stability by maintaining the terminal's perpendicularity to PCB during and permanently after wave soldering.

The rivet mount styles permit design and mounting flexibility for boards, panels and chassis mating environments. These quick-fit terminals meet NEMA 2-1982-1988 and UL 310 specifications.

Keystone quick-fit terminals in stock at SagerKeystone’s UL recognized quick-fit terminals are manufactured from brass and supplied with a tin plate. PCB mount versions are available in 0.110” (2.8mm), 0.187" (4.8mm), 0.205" (5.2mm) or 0.250" (6.4mm) tab sizes. Rivet mount versions are available in 0.110”(2.8mm), 0.187" (4.8mm), or 0.250" (6.4mm) tab sizes. 

Keystone's Quick-fit Terminal Features:

  • UL Recognized Components 
  • Easy, safe and quick way of connecting and disconnecting wires 
  • Cost effective PCB connectivity 
  • Sturdi-Mount features for increased PCB mounting strength 
  • Durable Tin Plating for excellent solderability 
  • Wide variety of configurations to suit most applications
  • Male tab sizes for .110”; .187”; .205”; .250” 
  • Female receptacle sizes for .110”; .187”; .205”; .250”; .312” 
  • Custom terminals can be manufactured to your specifications

Click below to visit the Keystone catalog pages for price and inventory availability on quick-fit terminals:

Part # Description
1285  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 12.7mm 6.37mm Tin Automotive  / Quick Disconnect Terminal M 13mm 7.15mm Tin 

1287 and 1287-ST  Quick Fit Terminal M 14.02mm 7.92mm Tin Automotive / Quick Disconnect Terminal M 14.02mm 7.92mm Tin 

1211  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 13.76mm 3.96mm Tin Automotive

1267  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 13.76mm 3.96mm Tin

4966  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 14.98mm 12.7mm Tin

1212 and 1212-ST  Quick Fit Terminal M 12.7mm 6.35mm Tin / Quick Disconnect Terminal M 13mm 7.15mm Tin

1266  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 20.04mm 12.7mm Tin

4900  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 14.5mm 6.5mm Tin

1289  and 1289-ST  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 18mm 8.5mm Tin / Quick Disconnect Terminal M 18.1mm 7.9mm Tin 

4901  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 18mm 8.5mm Tin

4907  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 14.22mm 12.44mm Tin

4902  Quick Disconnect Terminal M 15.49mm 6.35mm Tin

Visit the Keystone Electronics page on for more information on their offering or contact a Sager sales representative, the authorized Distributor for Keystone Electronics, at 1-800-SAGER-800 or