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Sager Electronics is an authorized distributor of Hirose Electric. 

Specializing in the manufacture of connectors, Hirose Electric has contributed to the development of the electronics sector for over 70 years.   Best known for high performance connectors, Hirose applies its unique connector technologies and disciplines to a wide variety of market applications. 

Since the beginning of HIROSE in 1937, the company has developed and introduced thousands of new connectors for numerous applications.  Their product offering includes a vast array of connectors such as coaxial connectors, FFC / FPC connectors, circular and rectangular I/O connectors, single and double row connectors, as well as Card Connectors & Fiber Optics & Microwave Components.

Sager Electronics's partnership with Hirose began in 2013. Today Sager carries in stock a broad range of Hirose connector products, including many of their new products like ZX62 Micro USB series, DF50 1mm Pitch W2B connectors, and DF57H 1.2mm Pitch Swing Lock Series.

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Hirose Electric EnerBee™ Connectors

Hirose Electric EnerBee Power Cable Connectors feature compact size and high-end performance for high-current and high-tension devices. The connectors have a positive lock mechanism for use in the demanding areas of industrial power supply and power sources.

They are designed for:

LED lighting
Office equipment
Medical devices
Home electronics
Battery storage
Industrial power supply and power sources


Series NPI Description Datasheet Product List
DF33C 3.3mm pitch, maximum rated current 5A. Available in single and double row configurations. A two-point spring support contact structure stabilizes the connection and prevents contact fretting. DF33C Products
DF63 3.96mm pitch, maximum rated current 15A. Features high reliability with multi-contact points. Available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations. DF63 Products
DF22 7.92mm pitch, maximum rated current 30A. Four-point contact design; available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations. DF22 Products
DF60 10.16mm pitch, maximum rated current 45A. Highly reliable five-point contact design with independent contact springs. Available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations. DF60 Products
EM35 relay type connector, maximum current rating of 50A, available in DIN rail or panel mount options. This series is an ideal for replacement for terminal blocks, improving assembly efficiency by eliminating hand wiring. EM35 Products



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