Grayhill Products

Sager Electronics is an authorized distributor of Grayhill.  

Grayhill is the leader in electronic operator interface solutions, with more than sixty years of history designing and manufacturing quality switches, optical encoders, joysticks, keypads, custom front panels, and panel computers for applications in the agriculture, construction, defense aerospace, medical, automotive and electronics industries.


Human Interface Solutions with Instinct

Instinct is a C code source library that is intended to be included and built within OEM systems. Instinct recognizes both single and multi-touch gestures.  Single-touch gestures include cursor control, tapping the surface and flicking through menus.  Multi-touch gestures include two-finger scrolling, rotating and zooming as well as three finger gestures such as tilt and 3D rotation.  The Instinct library includes many more simple and dynamic gestures.  Dynamic gestures are characterized by a longer, continuous stream of control, such as scrolling or flicking with momentum.

Video: Features and Benefits of the Multi-Touch Ring Encoder with Instinct

Multi-Touch Ring Encoder

The Multi-Touch Ring Encoder features a 50mm diameter surface that tracks multiple touch positions. Tracked touch-point data is sent from the device via USB to the system using Instinct software for interpretation. For mechanical control, a ring encoder encircles the touchpad and the entire knob can be pressed. The rotary function allows the user to scroll through options and the pushbutton selects the desired setting. Implementing the MTRE eliminates the need for additional devices such as joysticks, touchpads and trackballs. This results in a compact and intuitive user interface.

Multi-Touch Control Wheel

The new Series T2 Multi-Touch Control Wheel (MTCW) offers an expanded array of sensor data options, allowing the system to interpret many different finger gestures for machine command and image manipulation. Approximately 4.5” in overall diameter, the MTCW is available in standard white, black or custom colors.  It has the functionality of three devices in one unit:

  • Multi-touch touchpad
  • Virtual rotary encoder with 4 to 256 position  (circular groove in the outer circumference of the wheel)
  • Virtual 4 position joystick (touching points at North, South, East, West)

Software Development Kit

The Instinct SDK givers users the freedom to not only imagine revolutionary new products, but also the capability to get those new products to market quickly and cost-effectively. The development kit provides the user with a common development platform for prototyping and evaluating different solutions. In addition, the kit gives several example projects with step-by-step instructions. 


MTRE Software Development Kit User's Guide (pdf)
MTRE Brochure

MTCW Software Development Kit User's Guide (pdf)
MTCW Brochure