4300N Series of Fans from ebm-papst

The 4300 series design has been updated with the addition of aerodynamically shaped guide vanes on the discharge, innovative winglets on the blade tips and a smaller, more efficient motor driving the whole package. These advancements work together to provide lower acoustic noise and improved efficiency, all while allowing an increase in the performance range.

The free air flow of the new fan series ranges from 59 CFM to a maximum of 168 CFM, which is an increase of 40% above the maximum air flow of the 4300 series. Acoustic noise has been lowered as much as 9 dB(A) while the overall fan efficiency level is up to 8.5 percentage points higher.

Features and Benefits:

  • Significant noise reduction of up to -9 dB(A)*
  • Greater efficiency*
  • Considerably higher performance range*
  • Improved salt spray protection*
  • Improved EMC*
  • Reinforced attachment points for higher tightening torques*
  • Robust mechanical design*
  • Long service life
  • Degree of protection up to IP68
    *compared with the 4300 series

 Available Special Options:

  • Speed Signal
  • Go / No-go alarm
  • Alarm with speed limit
  • External / Internal temperature sensor
  • PWM / Analog speed control input
  • Moisture Protection
  • Salt spray protection
  • Protection class IP54, IP68

Target Markets and Applications:

  • Automation
  • IT / Telecom
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Solar inverters
  • Other Industrial


  • UL
  • CE
  • CSA
  • VDE

Part Number  Description
4312NH          Fan,Axial,130cfm,5.7W,3150rpm,Ball Bearing
4312NH3        Fan,Axial,168cfm,11.0W,4100rpm,Ball Bearing
4312NHH       Fan,Axial,147cfm,9.3W,3600rpm,Ball Bearing
4312NL          Fan,Axial,59cfm,1.0W,1450rpm,Ball Bearing
4312NM         Fan,Axial,88cfm,1.9W,2150rpm,Ball Bearing
4312NN          Fan,Axial,112cfm,4.1W,2700rpm,Ball Bearing

4314NH          Fan,Axial,130cfm,5.7W,3150rpm,Ball Bearing
4314NH3        Fan,Axial,168cfm,11.0W,4100rpm,Ball Bearing
4314NHH       Fan,Axial,147cfm,9.3W,3600rpm,Ball Bearing
4314NL          Fan,Axial,59cfm,1.0W,1450rpm,Ball Bearing
4314NM         Fan,Axial,88cfm,1.9W,2150rpm,Ball Bearing
4314NN         Fan,Axial,112cfm,4.1W,2700rpm,Ball Bearing

4318NH         Fan,Axial,130cfm,5.7W,3150rpm,Ball Bearing
4318NH3       Fan,Axial,168cfm,11.0W,4100rpm,Ball Bearing
4318NN         Fan,Axial,112cfm,4.1W,2700rpm,Ball Bearing

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