C&K offers the K12S Series High Performance SMT Key Switch

Illuminated IP67 switches for harsh environment applications.

More applications require switches with tactile feeling but that are also sealed to resist harsh environments like for outdoor or medical applications. These products have to be resistant and support a long lasting use.

The K12S key switch series include a version sealed to IP67 standards for use in outdoor applications such as automotive door locks, trunk openers, motorbike handles and other environments likely to encounter harsh conditions. An IP40 version of the switch is availbles for less demanding environments. It is available in double stroke or detect versions as well.

The unique design of the K12S Series separates the electrical and mechanical functions of the switch. By configuring different combinations of spring mechanisms and cam designs, we are able to customize the switches’ travel distance, actuation force, and contact position to meet a variety of different customer requirements within the same form factor.

C&K K12S SeriesK12S Series SMT Key Switch Features and Benefits:

  • Harsh environment applications - IP67
  • Excellent tactile feel
  • Compatible with SMT lead free soldering process
  • Illuminated
  • High reliability / Long life

K12S Series SMT Key Switch Applications:

  • Motorcycles / Automotive
  • Off-road transportation
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Joysticks

Click below for C&K K12S Series datasheet:

C&K K12S Series datasheet

Visit the C&K page on www.sager.com for more information on their offering or contact a Sager sales representative, the authorized Distributor for C&K, at 1.800.SAGER.800 or customerservice@sager.com.