C&K introduces ENC Series Optical Encoder

In the automotive, industrial and medical industries, products need to be resistant and reliable. They have to be efficient at all times during a sustained period of time and perform in tough environments.

C&K's ENC series is an optical encoder with "light-gate" design offering stable output and small form factor which is resistant to shock and vibration. It was developed to use in tight applications for mission-critical products.

The ENC series utilizes C&K's opto-coupler technology to deliver consistent output signals that are compatible with modern digital devices at a lower cost than similar solutions on the market. The ENC series can be customized to meet the customers' requirements.

ENC Series Optical EncoderENC Series Optical Encoder Features/Benefits:

  • Clear detent/haptic feel
  • Two channel, 2-bit code output
  • Quadrature (Incremental type)
  • Integrated pushbutton
  • Panel mount with screw thread
  • Cable and connector termination

ENC Series Optical Encoder Applications:

  • Automotive interior control
  • Industrial equipment
  • Test & Instrumentation
  • Medical equipment

Click below for C&K ENC Series datasheet:

C&K ENC Series datasheet

Visit the C&K page on www.sager.com for more information on their offering or contact a Sager sales representative, the authorized Distributor for C&K, at 1.800.SAGER.800 or customerservice@sager.com.