Sager Presents Supplier Excellence Recognition Award to Carling

Last week at EDS, Sager Electronics presented Carling Technologies with a Supplier Excellence recognition award for meeting the criteria of the program in 2017. This recognition rewards the key aspects of Carling's distribution business including: quality, operations & business systems support, terms, management and field level support. The award was presented by Sager Vice President of Supplier Marketing for Electromechanical Craig Sanderson and Sager Supplier Marketing Manager Pam Berigan to Carling Distribution Manager, Chris Dostaler and Director of North American Sales, Don Pruitt.

Thank you to Carling Technologies and their team for making this achievement possible and for contributing to Sager's ongoing successes, which rely upon effective partnerships to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. 


Sager Electronics Presents Excellence Award to Carling Technologies
Sager's Craig Sanderson and Pam Berigan with Carling's Chris Dostaler and Don Pruitt