BERGQUIST Gap Filler 1400SL

Fill the void with self-leveling GAP FILLER 1400SL.

When the need for thermal performance is great, but the architecture is complex and delicate, GAP FILLER 1400SL is the optimum thermal interface solution. This low viscosity, two-part, liquid TIM provides relatively high thermal performance by comparison to other low viscosity materials. With a thermal conductivity of 1.4W/m-K and exceptional flow characteristics, GAP FILLER 1400SL allows extreme design latitude for even the most challenging structures. The material’s ability to fill very small voids increases its thermal transfer effectiveness and lowers stress. Once cured, GAP FILLER 1400SL is remarkably soft, offering CTE stress absorption and mechanical shock dampening for fragile assemblies. The application range is broad and includes various devices within the automotive electronics, telecom, lighting and power supply sectors.

BERGQUIST Gap Filler 1400SLBenefits of GAP FILLER 1400SL:

  •  High flow, self-leveling formulation fills voids and protects delicate electronics
  •  Provides low viscosity and high thermal conductivity of 1.4W/m-K in a two-part material
  •  Very soft once cured
  •  Reduces stress through absorption and mechanical shock dampening
  •  Effective on a wide range of applications
  •  Liquid formulation allows for high throughput, automatic dispensing

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