Anderson Power Products' Saf-D-Grid® 400

Saf-D-Grid® builds on the proven contact technology used in SB® and Powerpole® connectors by offering features required in 380-400 VDC power distribution systems.

APP® introduced the Saf-D-Grid® connector system as a safe appliance power connector for server, telecommunication, and other devices up to 600 VDC.

The APP® Saf-D-Grid® plug and receptacle provide for the direct connection of DC electronic devices to a DC micro-grid powered by renewable energy or high efficiency DC sources. The connector meets international safety requirements for hazardous, low voltage applications including UL 950 and IEC 60950.The Saf-D-Grid® is size compatible with the IEC 320 C13 and C14 AC connection system. It is the only connector system so sized that is UL rated for disconnect of a 400 VDC, 30 amp load. Saf-D-Grid® also enables greater power density by allowing up to 40A and 600V DC or AC within the same space of the IEC 320 C13 & C14 system that is limited to 10A and 250 VAC. This allows the use of Saf-D-Grid® in AC systems that require more power by increasing the wattage capability within the existing connector space.

Anderson Power Products' Saf-D-Grid® 400Anderson Power Products' Saf-D-Grid® 400 Features:

  • 400V Hot Plug Rating for Plug and Receptable on both DC & AC Currents
  • Touch Safe & Arcing Protection on both Plug and Receptacle
  • 3 Different Panel Mounting Configurations for Receptacles
  • Crimp, Solder and PCB Terminations Available
  • Internal Latch to Prevent Accidental Disconnect

Click here to download the Saf-D-Grid 400 and Saf-D-Grid 30A datasheets.

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