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March 16, 2017


Sager Electronics Celebrates 130 Years in Electrical/Electronic Industry

Atlanta, GA – The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is pleased to congratulate ECIA member?Sager Electronics on 130 years serving the industry.

Sager Electronics began in 1887 as a single storefront in downtown Boston selling speaking tubes. Over the course of 130 years, the company evolved from that of a retailer selling radios and related components to that of a wholesaler of electronic components. Sager adapted and grew through the prudent acquisition of smaller, regional distributors – most recently PowerGate LLC and Norvell Electronics – and the creation of regional support facilities to service an expanding network of customers and suppliers.

Today Sager, a long-standing member of ECIA, has ten service centers strategically located across North America, a team of field sales and technical sales engineers, a line card of interconnect, power and electromechanical electronic components, a state-of-the-art warehouse, and a Power Solutions Center deicated to value-add services. ?Acquired in 2012, the distributor is a wholly owned subsidiary of TTI Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company. More history of the company is on their website.

“The needs of our customers have always provided us with a footprint for innovation and growth. Sager values our customer relationships, and shares ECIA’s vision to improve the customer experience across all aspects of the supply chain,” stated Frank Flynn, Sager Electronics’ president. “We are proud to be an active member of an organization advocating on behalf of customers to ensure the electronic components, programs and services they source are from authorized manufacturers, reps and distributors.”

"We are proud to be?associated with Sager?Electronics, the oldest distributor in the industry," noted Debbie Conyers, ECIA vice president member engagement. "Their history of 130 years in the industry is mindboggling; we also appreciate their long term and active participation?in the ECIA. Sager Electronics has been a member since 1980 and over the years has sponsored the Executive Conference, as well as regional events; they have served on committees and boards; currently Bruce Kellar sits on the ECIA Foundation board and Frank Flynn serves on the EDS board. This type of support is invaluable to us."

About ECIA

The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is made up of the leading electronic component manufacturers, their manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors. ECIA members share a common goal of promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components to the end customer. Comprised of a broad array of leaders and professionals representing all phases of the electronics components supply chain, ECIA is where business optimization, product authentication and industry advocacy come together. ECIA members develop industry guidelines and technical standards, as well as generate critical business intelligence.

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Electronic Components Industry Association 678-393-9990
1111 Alderman Drive, Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30005